Quantum House Project

The new album “Quantum House Project” by Anders Helmerson has resealed on 3rd November 2018 at major record stores in the world, including iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, CD Baby etc. 

The new album live tour “Quantum House Project” show has also begun from 4th September 2018 at Vortex Jazz Club, London and continues to the world! 

Anders Helmerson “Quantum House Project”

Track List:

1. Entangle (10:54)

2. The Story Of Maida Hill (8:35)

3. Particular Wave (10:32)

4. Superposition (12:15)

(2018 © Anders Helmerson. All rights reserved.)


Anders Helmerson Trio’s new production in 2018 – Quantum House Project is an acoustic progressive jazz rock fusion live show created in cooperation with two French artists Christian Grassart (Drums) and Thierry Conand (Bass) and being recorded at Blue Star Music Studio, Nice, France since 2017. It has mastered in 2018 at Abbey Road Studios, London, U.K. and officially resealed on 3rd November 2018 to major record stores worldwide. 

The album and show include four long tunes “Super Position”, “A Particular Wave”, “Entangle” and “The Story Of Maida Hill”. 

In this page, you can listen pre-release sample demo songs before mixing and mastering in the below SoundCloud music player.

Anders Helmerson (Center): Piano and composer
Christian Grassart (Right): Drums
Thierry Conand (Left): Bass


Anders Helmerson is a professional pianist and composer of progressive rock and jazz fusion. He has been an internationally recognised composer, pianist and keyboard player since 1981. He is originally from Sweden and living in the UK.

Christian Grassart is a professional drummer of jazz, rock and metal. He had begun drumming since 13 years old and he accompanies renowned French artists such as Patrick Bruel, Norbert Krief of Trust, Patrick Rondat etc.

Thierry Conand is a professional bass player, guitarist, arranger, composer and music teacher. He has been working with a number of artists including Lea Van Sky and Luc Ramirez. He is originally from Nice, France.


THE QUANTUM HOUSE SHOW – Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion by Anders Helmerson Trio

The composer and pianist, Swedish Anders Helmerson leads a live performance of Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion with French drummer Christian Grassard and French bassist Thierry Conand.

The music is partly intense, partly lyrical, contains complex time signatures and mix classic romantic impressionism with riffs and traditional jazz. The uniqueness of Quantum House Show lies on the interesting mix of alternate speeds of fast and slow rhythms… melodic pieces contrasting with faster tracks.
The show would entertain both traditional jazz fans looking for innovation also those rock fans looking for an alternative form of art expression. The fast/slow pace of sound music combining with the creative composition and very lively show, can be seen as an exotic and unique quality of music composition and production.

The Quantum House Show is beautifully played on grand piano, when Anders Helmerson expresses his own Swedish cool temperament, evoking soft emotions and calming atmosphere. By contrast, other tracks would be fast where Anders expresses his still ongoing love for rock. Anders ‘unique personal style and exquisite skills, both on keyboard rig clearly expressed on Triple Ripple show- 2014 – and now on The Quantum House Jazz Fusion he expresses his passion on the keys of a ‘grand piano.’

As himself expressed earlier this year:

“… I have swapped the ‘Keyboard Rig’ for the ‘Grand Piano’ …
… however, still my own good old fusion music style.” – Anders Helmerson (2018)

Music Score

Superposition Piano Score