Opus i

Anders Helmerson’s 5th new album “Opus i” with the new live trio members have been released on 1st August 2021 from record label Anders Helmerson.

Anders Helmerson (Piano / Composer), Lukasz Chyla (Bass) and Juan Felipe Mejia Tobón (Drums.)

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(2021 © Anders Helmerson. All rights reserved.)
Record Label : Anders Helmerson, London. U.K.

Anders Helmerson “Opus i” (2021)

Track List:

1.  iScherzo  (5:55)

2.  Betelgeuse  (1:43)

3.  Surface Tension  (7:14)

4.  The Story Of Maida Hill  (9:40)

5.  Walzer-Koenig  (5:48)

6.  Recital i  (9:26)

7.  Ritual iDance  (8:38)