Anders Helmerson Live

The live tour has begun! Official gig info.

Upcoming live concert dates:

TBC, Friday 13 October 2023 at Rio Montreux Jazz Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More information and tickets are coming soon!
More live dates will be confirmed…

Past live concerts of Anders Helmerson included:


Teatro Juarez Machado for Pianístico de Joinville, Joinville, Brazil (31 March 2023)
Club de Jazz de Santiago, Santiago, Chille (29 March 2023)
Bebop Club, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (8 March 2023)
The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (26 January 2023)
Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club, Manchester, United Kingdom (25 January 2023)
The Pheasantry (Chelsea), London, United Kingdom (24 January 2023)
Cascais Jazz Club, Cascais, Portugal. (1 October 2022)
1901 Arts Club, London, United Kingdom. (17 September 2022)
Bourbon Street, São Paulo, Brazil, (3 April 2022)
Ling Institute, Porto Alegre, Brazil, (2 April 2022)
Clube Manouche, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (29th March 2022)
1901 Arts Club, London, U.K. (14 September 2021)
Blue Note (Online Live), São Paulo, Brazil (28 August 2021)
Instituto Ling (Online Live), Porto Alegre, Brazil (17 October 2020)
Cafe Yukari, London, U.K. (14 March 2020)
1901 Arts Club, London, U.K. (12 February, 2020)
Buena Vista Jazz Festival, Belo Horizonrte, Brazil (19 January 2020)
Teatro solar de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (18 January 2020)
Le Studio de’l Ermitage, Paris, France (3 July 2019)
Paris-Prague Jazz Club, Paris, France. (18 January 2019)
Reduta Jazz Club, Prague, Czech Republic (14 November 2018)
PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho), London, U.K. (3 November 2018)
Vortex Jazz Club, London, U.K. (4 September 2018)
The Musician, Leicester, U.K. (3 February 2015)
Bluecat, Manchester, U.K. (13 December 2014)
Goodship, London, U.K. (3 December 2014)
Subway To Peter, Chemnitz, Germany (10 October 2014)
The White Lion, London, U.K. (26 February 2014)
Teatro Rival Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (6 November 2013)
Prog Camp Festival , Minas Gerais, Brazil (30 October 2013)
…and so on! 
Thank you for fans who shared great time at gigs of Anders Helmerson.
More live tour dates will be added here in the near future!