Fields of Inertia

Anders Helmerson
“Fields Of Intertia”
(2002, Som Interior Artistical Productions, Anders Helmerson)

Track List:

1. Conjuration
2. Winds Of Oludum
3. Bahia Dreams
4. The Tears That Came After
5. City Of A Haunting Silence
6. Infinite Fields Of Inertia
7. Ground Zero
8. Rêve Concorde

Anders Helmerson’s comment:

This album was recorded in Brazil with a percussionist Robertimbo Silva and other local musicians, in 2002. On Vocals Kika Triastao, Extract Wind of Oludum” Is the opening track. It was released on Brazilian label Som Interior. No sampling! The 35 minute documentary available at this website deals about the recoring of this CD.