Anders Helmerson

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Quantum House Project. In particular the challenge to work, for the first time, solely on a grand piano and all the very special issues of dynamics that comes with it. I left technology behind this time, in order to modernise the timbre and explore something new and it feels like I found it in a great way to proceed with my development both as a composer and a pianist. These two parts of myself don’t know each other very well but they have one thing in common – patience. The world around is going through changes, people come and go and season are changing while the process of creation lingers on. But now is the time to do what music is made for – get alive.”

Anders Helmerson

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New album and live tour Anders Helmerson trio Quantum House Project is coming soon in September 2018!

European Tour : London - Nice - Paris

The live tour begins on: 4th September 2018 @ Vortex Jazz Club, London, UK.

Time 20:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 4 September 2018

Venue : Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ, UK. Tel. 020 7254 4097 (Mon-Fri 12-6pm)  [Map]  [Route Finder]

Ticket : £15 + booking fee. Now on sale at TicketWeb.uk [Ticket Link]  Telephone booking : 08444 77 1000 (Line opens 24 hours)