Triple Ripple

In 2010, Anders Helmerson’s third album “Triple Ripple” was released after a few years preparations. This was when Anders left the prog sphere and stepped into his own invention stage – prog fusion. The album was launched by Musea as a result of collaboration with an American drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist Bryan Beller. This was a “Jazz Rock Fusion Tour de Force”. By working it trough, bar by bar it was finally mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, the U.K. According to Anders, “The mix is bright and the bell tones have a serious tone”.

Triple Ripple (2010)

Track List:

1. Seventh Heaven
2. Microwar
3. The Fantasies
4. Robot Village
5. String Song
6. Rising Wind
7. Electronical Story
8. End Of Illusion
9. Misinterpreted Omen
10. Custom Thrill
11. Amnesia
12. Dancing Progressions For Computers
13. Automatic Hammer
14. Digital Anthem

Anders Helmerson’s Comment:

A mixed compilation of extracts from latest album – Triple Ripple with bassist Bryan Beller And Marco Minnemann on drums. Now in retail. I am real proud of it and I am real thankful to Marcos and Bryans contribution. Who could have done it better? Songs heard: Touchdown; Triple Ripple: Yoda’s Dance; Helix of Eternity and The Search of F.