Anders Helmerson is a pianist, keyboard player, composer, laser harp performing artist and musician of Progressive Fusion of Rock and Jazz.

Progressive Jazz Fusion is played with the piano.
Progressive Rock Fusion has been played by synth keyboards with laser harp etc.

As of 2018, Anders Helmerson has released 3 progressive rock/latin jazz/jazz albums by his name and the latest tunes of progressive jazz fusion at Anders Helmerson presents Quantum House Project for live concerts.

Super Position (2018)

The Story Of Maida Hill (2018)

Entangle (2018)

A Particular Wave (2018)

In 1981, Anders Helmerson has released his first album End Of Illusion and got a cult status as a keyboard player and international composer of progressive rock fusion. In 2002, the second album Fields of Inertia was Latin jazz fusion and in 2010, the third album Triple Ripple was progressive fusion of rock and jazz influence.

Microwar 2 (1981)

Winds Of Olodum (2001)

Compilation Of Triple Ripple (2010)