Fields of Inertia

In 2002, Anders Helmerson’s second album “Fields Of Inertia” was recorded in Brazil and released by the Rio based label Som Interior. Anders has been working in Brazilian musicians as Robertimbo Silva and others. The outcome was a bowl of prog music and Latin jazz in a rather neo classic mix. This was his first experience with digital recording which later made a total revolution in the record industry, maybe for Anders elaborated writing style more to a benefit than a disadvantage.

Fields of Inertia (2002)

Track List:

1. Conjuration
2. Winds Of Oludum
3. Bahia Dreams
4. The Tears That Came After
5. City Of A Haunting Silence
6. Infinite Fields Of Inertia
7. Ground Zero
8. Rêve Concorde


Anders Helmerson’s comment:

This album was recorded in Brazil with a percussionist Robertimbo Silva and other local musicians, in 2002. On Vocals Kika Triastao, Extract Wind of Oludum” Is the opening track. It was released on Brazilian label Som Interior. No sampling! The 35 minute documentary available at this website deals about the recoring of this CD.