End Of Illusion

In 1981, Anders Helmerson’s first album “End Of Illusion” was released, first by Swedish label TMC, but 15 years later it was re-released at French label Musea where he got cult status of No.1 keyboardist.

End Of Illusion (1981)

Track List:

1. Seventh Heaven
2. Microwar
3. The Fantasies
4. Robot Village
5. String Song
6. Rising Wind
7. Electronical Story
8. End Of Illusion
9. Misinterpreted Omen
10. Custom Thrill
11. Amnesia
12. Dancing Progressions For Computers
13. Automatic Hammer
14. Digital Anthem

Anders Helmerson’s Comment:

This is a track called Microwar which is one othe tracks of my first LP End of illusion from 1981. It sounds maybe not too remote from the more contemporary music I am working on in these days but it was much more difficult ( and expensive) to do in an analog 24 track studio with 2″ tapes. If you find this record in vinyl version you can sell it for $200 or so on record collecting auctions. I wish I had one myself…