Anders Helmerson

A Progressive Fusion Pianist

Anders Helmerson is the professional progressive jazz fusion pianist, keyboard player, composer and international musician of progressive rock fusion.

Anders Helmerson plays progressive jazz fusion by the piano and progressive rock fusion by keyboards and laser harp. His professional music career has began in 1980’s and he has performed at many shows, clubs, concerts and festivals in the world. His albums are available on Amazon, iTunes and record shops worldwide. He has been featured on international media such as magazines and TV.

In 2018, his new progressive jazz fusion project “Anders Helmerson presents Quantum House Project” will be in live concerts and on the world tour!

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“Innovative progressive jazz fusion piano from the successful ‘End of Illusion’ composer! Are you ready for the world tour?”
Alzira Salama
Salama Music Management

‘A super airliner seem light as a feather in the sky but when you see it touching the ground you can understand its incredible energy.
The experience of controlling high energies is a great source of excitement.
It requires perfection in every detail.
The experience of control when expressed in musical form is:
“the ultimate creative experience.”
― Anders Helmerson

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